Zodiac signs that are karmically linked to each other

In astrology, one of the main factors in the formation of a person’s character is the ratio of his zodiac signs to one of the three types of energy, and not elements, as is commonly believed. The zodiac signs circle is divided into three sectors, which professional astrologers call crosses. It is these parts of the zodiac signs that own different types of energies: Cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn), Fixed (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius), and Mutabelny (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces). We explain why and how these energies differ, what they give to their owners, and what karmic connection exists between these signs.


In astrology, it is believed that Cardinal energy, which begins with a decisive Aries and ends with the unshakable Capricorn, is the impulse of everything that exists.

Therefore, representatives of the cardinal cross are distinguished by the strongest internal dynamics, impulsivity, and the ability to take the first step and move anything off the ground.

Aries – moving forward. Cancer is a movement inland. Scales – movement from side to side. Capricorn – upward movement.

Astrologers compare cardinal energy with a geyser – such a powerful potential is hidden inside the representatives of this sign. It is worth observing that each of these signs is liable for diverse ranges of life, where it is entirely revealed.


Aries – self-expression. The most straightforward zodiac signs. Achieves the desired by incredible volitional efforts, usually acts jerkily and often alone. It is value saw that Aries rapidly get tired, placing a lot of energy into one jerk.

Cancer is a family. Persons of this sign are very devoted to their ancestries, roots, and ethnicities. They draw their strength from simple universal values ​​- a cozy house, emotional closeness, and love for their native land.

Notwithstanding this, these people most faintly of all cardinal signs express their freedom and ambition.

Libra – diplomacy.  Assured movement from one side to another, tacking between Conditions. Thirst for beauty, aesthetics, and polite communication. Easy adaptability and thirst for everything new: trends, relationships, world views. By the way, Libra everything best as a squad.

They are lively and powerful, and Cardinal energy lets them interact with effective people, such as themselves. So they swiftly form a record of important friends, influences, and links.

Capricorn is a career. Legislatures of this sign are gradually but inflexibly and steadily moving towards the goal. They see that with the extreme speed they can fall down, so Capricorn’s phases are well-standardized and cautious. It is worth saying that these people set themselves high goals, so they are able for a very long time to act in one direction. By the way, unlike Aries, Capricorns never give all the best, and constantly save forte for conclusive innovation.


In astrology, it is believed that the fixed energy, which begins with a stubborn Taurus and ends with a strong-willed Aquarius, strengthens what was begun by cardinal signs. It is cheers to the fixed signs that thoughtful, large-scale plans are understood that need a lengthy use of power.

For such troubles, a high smooth of energetic energy is required; so fixed signs are also called energetic. Representatives of these constellations are characterized by great stamina, stability, and the ability to wait, gaining energy.

Astrologers compare fixed signs with a locomotive – at first, the train stands at the station and picks up passengers, then it starts to slowly pick up speed, and after a while, it simply cannot be stopped. It is wealth saying that these people can gradually move all their progress towards the future goal, ahead vigor over the years for the only precise shot.

It is believed that these are the most inert, but also the most energetic and unyielding people in their actions. Each of the four characters is responsible for a certain area of ​​life, where it displays its maximum abilities.


Taurus is money. “Persistence and labor will chore all” is a characteristic slogan of the legislatures of this sign. Taurus, like no one else, loves money and knows how to earn it.

Initially, representatives of this sign tend to be in a calm state, but when circumstances begin to crush, Taurus quickly mobilizes and in a short period of time remakes a huge layer of work.

Leo – creativity. Astrologers note that the representatives of this constellation never change their little things and long prepare themselves for feats in which the main value is the strength of the manifestation of their creative potential.

By the way, life realized by himself, every Leo is clever to support the comprehension of the people about him.

Scorpio is a transformation. These people for a long time accumulate emotional energy, which eventually degenerates into the ability to quickly and irrevocably change lives and destinies.

It is value observing that Scorpios have a remarkable aptitude to alter persons and realism, occasionally not in the most effortless, but in the most actual way. The ideal symbol of Scorpio’s energy is the burning and reborn Phoenix.

Aquarius is an idea. Inside all the representatives of this constellation, the dream of the transformation and upheaval of what appeared thanks to cardinal signs is ripening. The fixed vigor of Aquarius shows themself in their methodical and procedural way of thought.

These people are always tenacious in following a clear process, and also try to be safe from faults in order to obtain precise results. Aquarius prefers whole objectivity – he will not have any sensitive, brief thoughts.

Fixed energy makes him focused and tenacious in the pursuit of detections – and the rare Aquarius does not receive a large reward for his activities.



Mutable (or volatile) signs constantly follow the newest social leanings and set their goals based on the current jiffy in time. It is worth noting that these people are quickly reviewing their life goals and methods for achieving them, following the path of least resistance.

Astrologers compare representatives of mutable signs with chameleons because where others lose interest in the idea, mutable ones breathe new life into it and change themselves. By the way, there is an astrological theory according to which the richest people are most often representatives of mutable energy.


Gemini is information. The most moving zodiac signs, about which they often say “ahead of the rest.”  These people want constant logical inspiration, which makes them one of the most exciting and useful speakers. By the way, it is Gemini who measured the best consultants, because they know how to look at a tricky from different viewpoints and work with a gigantic volume of info.

Virgo is labor. The most useful and meticulous people are notable by their sole lucidity, which lets them to virtually always make the exact superior. It is worth saying that the ability to maneuver and change your course gives the Virgos the ability to adapt to any conditions.

Sagittarius – education. Legislatures of this sign rapid their mutable energy in stuff of viewpoint and mysticism. Sagittarius loves the social and intellectual diversity that they enjoy discovering during their travels or logical chases. Such abilities as getting and inner humanity allow Sagittarius to become gurus, brilliant supporters of art, and artistic bosses.

Fish are feelings. Legislatures of this assemblage use their mutable stuff to explore the feelings and emotions of those around them. Astrologers believe that Pisces are the best psychologists in the horoscope: they unknowingly take serious care of those who are near them, and will always offer information, sympathy, and advice in accordance with the situation. It is worth noting that Pisces is the final cycle of everything that is started by Aries and continued by other Zodiac signs, therefore their main function is to help others complete an action.

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