OSRS Wyrm Guide

Wyrm is a slayer monster located in Mount Karuulm and can be found in the lower level of the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon. Wyrms are draconic creatures that require 62 hunters to kill. Killing a Wyrm is one of the requirements to complete the hard Kourend & Kebos diary.

Although Wyrms are draconic creatures, you do not need any type of dragon fire protection. To kill these creatures, you must wear boots that protect you from the extreme heat of the dungeon floor.

You can use boots of stone, boots of brimstone, or granite boots. Wyrms attack with both melee and magic-style combat. It will use only magic if you are not in the melee range, but if you are it will use both melee and magic. Killing these creatures is a good way to earn OSRS gold.

Where to find Wyrms 

You will find these draconic creatures in the Karuulm slayer dungeon which is located under Mount Karuulm. In this dungeon, you will find different types of draconic creatures, including Wyrms.

If you are on a slayer task, you can use a Wyrm room that is only for slayer tasks. This room has many safe spots for ranged. To get to Mount Karuulm, you have several options.

You can use the fairy ring with the code C-I-R and run north, use a skill necklace to teleport to the Farming Guild, which is also not far away, or use Rada’s blessing 3 and above to teleport directly to the entrance of the dungeon.

Melee and Range gear setups

For the melee setup, you will want to maximize your prayer bonus, strength bonus, and slash defense bonus. Since you will be using protection from magic prayer and fighting at close range, they will use both melee and magic attacks.

A good gear setup would look like the following: Proselyte set, Amulet of fury, Barrows Gloves, Berserker Ring (i), Granite Boots, any blessing, Zamorakian Hasta, Fire cape, and a Slayer mask or a Black Mask if you are on a slayer task. Some of these items are quite expensive, so if you cannot afford them, you can buy OSRS Gold and purchase the items at Grand Exchange.

For range setup, you will want to maximize your prayer, range bonus, and magic defense bonus. You do not need to use protection prayers because you are using ranged equipment, which usually has very good magic defense values. You should stay a few squares away from the Wyrm so that you are not in melee range and it can only attack with magic.

A good gear setup would look like: blessed dragon hide set, Toxic Blowpipe with adamant darts, Ava’s assembler, Amulet of fury, Archers Ring (i), any blessing, Brimstone Boots, Barrows Gloves, and if you are on a slayer task, use a Slayer Helmet (i) or Black Mask (i). When killing Wyrms from a distance, remember that you can use a safe spot.

To kill these monsters safely, you need to lure them to the wall and trap them behind a ledge. Since they take up 4 squares it is fairly easy to do. If you use a safe spot you will consume much less food, so you can save money on supplies.

For your inventory, take some food, super combat potions if you are using melee, and bastion potions if using ranged. Also take prayer potions and an herb sack if you have one, as they drop a lot of herbs. High alchemy spell runes would also be recommended, as Wyrms drop a lot of alchable items.

If you can afford it, you should use Dragonbane weapons like the Dragon Hunter’s Lance and Dragon Hunter’s Crossbow. If you cannot afford it, you can look for OSRS items for sale to buy them. These weapons will greatly increase your kills per hour and the OSRS gold you earn.


Wyrms are the only monsters in the game that drop dragon swords and dragon harpoons. Wyrms always drop Wyrm bones.

If you do not want to keep all the bones, just loot as many as you can before you leave the dungeon. If you do not want to collect the bones, you can also use a Bonecrusher, which will give you the same experience as if you just buried the bones.

As I mentioned earlier, Wyrms drop herbs and alchable items like the rune helm, rune battle axe, earth battle staff, etc. Wyrms also drop pure essence, rune arrowheads, and adamant arrowheads. All this makes the Wyrm a very good monster for Ironmen to kill.

Why should you kill Wyrms?

If you receive a Wyrm slayer task, do not skip it. It may not be the best slayer task in the game in terms of experience, but it’s definitely not bad.

You can expect about 17,000 experiences per hour when you kill these creatures. If OSRS gold is what you are after, then you can kill about 150 Wyrm per hour, and earn about 600,000 coins per hour, but you’ll need a decent account for that. If you do not have an account with good stats, you should look for OSRS accounts for sale.


Once you reach level 62 slayer you unlock the ability to kill Wyrms. This is one of the first slayer monsters worth killing off task. Killing Wyrms all day long will not make you rich, but it will definitely get you closer.

The Wyrms are located in Mount Karuulm, one of the newer zones, which means that the environment is very detailed and pleasant to look at. Have fun killing Wyrms and good luck with drops!

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