Chelsea Krist Death, Bio, Age, Family, Untold Facts

People in their busy lives still manage to collect information related to their favorite celebrities and models. There are a lot of people who take inspiration from them. They adopt their fashion sense and try to follow their life. Some people have an interest in getting knowledge about their careers and some are interested in their personal life. So in this article, we are gonna talk about one of the famous models and hosts Chelsea Krist. You will get all information from when she was born to when he died so stick till the end.

Who is Chelsea Krist?

Everyone knows about this multi-talented girl. She was a host and model but above all, she was Miss USA of 2019. Chelsea Krist was born in Michigan on 28th April 1991. She is just 31 years old. Chelsea was born into a Christian family and holds American nationality.

Chelsea’s education:

Every person wants to get an education in this world, and so does Chelsea. She did her schooling at Fort Mill High school and Northwestern High School. And for further studies, she went to the University of Carolina.

Chelsea Krist Career:

Chelsea Krist was a very pretty girl since childhood so she started hosting and she hosts some shows for television. Then after that, she stepped into modeling. Chelsea was fit and how she made her name in this industry.

As I am telling she was beautiful Chelsea won the title of the beauty of the united states. In high school, she won the title of Miss Freshman. And if we talk about her being Miss USA then Miss Kaaviya Sambasivam crowned her.

Chelsea Krist Parents:

Chelsea’s mom and dad took the best care of her. They send her to the best schools and colleges in the US. She is famous because her parents gave her such a life that made her grow in society. Chelsea’s parents’ names are Jeff and Julie Kryst.


She had a big family and her family loves her a lot. Chelsea Krist has 5 siblings. You must be wondering to know their names then their names are Asa, Chandler, Jet, Brooklyn, and page.

Physical Appearance:

Chelsea was a very pretty young girl. She had attractive brown eyes. If we talk about her figure then she was with a perfect body. A body that a model should have. Her height was ideal. Chelsea stands 5 feet 6 inches. As she was a model she maintained her weight. She was only 55 kgs. She used to go to the gym a lot. And yes hard work pays off. Chelsea had wavy hair in black color.

Relationship Status:

Chelsea Krist was pretty enough to have a handsome boyfriend. Chelsea was a model and host in short she was famous she could have dated anyone. But according to sources, she was single. She wasn’t married and had no children. Chelsea was focused on her career and she paid all of her attention to it. Moreover, if she had a boyfriend then no one knows about him.

Chelsea Krist Death:

Chelsea was famous and she was working to achieve her goals. She won several titles. She became Miss USA. In high school, Chelsea was a freshman. In further life, she wanted to do big things but death didn’t let her.

One morning her followers received the news that she was found dead. Her death was very terrible it is hard to believe that she committed suicide. It was said that she jumped from the 60th floor of her building. Well her death is in a nutshell whether she commit suicide or someone pushed her.

Closing Remarks:

Chelsea Krist was a girl who always wanted to be a model since childhood and she worked hard to achieve her goals. She somehow wanted to work more but she died and the reason behind is still unknown. I have shared all the possible information with you. Hope you like it.

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