Melissa Lucio Daughter Autopsy Photos

Because the documentary “Death by Mama,” about a death row inmate, airs on ABC, extraordinary images of Melissa Lucio’s post-mortem have surfaced.

The 30-year-old mother of three died in a Texas prison in May 2009, a day after she was sentenced to die for fatally shooting her husband. The details of Lucio’s case, which is detailed in the film, are so horrific that it will likely prompt the public to question whether capital punishment should be an option at all.

The film shows the body of Lucio, who was pregnant at the time of her arrest, being autopsied by a medical examiner and a forensic pathologist.

The photographs depict serious injuries to Lucio’s daughter Sophia, who died as a result of her mother’s abuse.

Lucio was sentenced to death in exchange for Sophia’s death, but the case has been widely criticized as unjust.

Melissa Lucio is facing the death penalty for the murder of her six-year-old daughter.

Her daughter’s physique was present in a trash can at their house.

A few days later, Melissa’s boyfriend took her to a hospital to show them her daughter’s corpse. The child was in a very serious condition, but she died a few hours later. Melissa was arrested and convicted of child abuse and murder.

She was sentenced to death by hanging in exchange for her daughter’s life. However, many people argue that the conviction was not just, because she did not receive a fair trial. Many believe that the courts were not impartial.

Lucio has repeatedly claimed her daughter wandered out of the home, bought misplaced, and was killed by an automobile that drove by while she was looking for her.

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